Camping Lac Murighiol

Ville: Murighiol ( les sites de camping dans Murighiol)
Code postal: 827150
Adresse: Murighiol region Tulcea
Téléphone: +40 744.175.581, +40 740.501.297, +40 788.412.106

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Infos: The so -called "MURIGHIOL LAKE " camping lies in Murighiol,a village situated 36km far from Tulcea (a town), on the right bank of "St.Gheorghe" branch, belonging to the Danube river. The village can be found, for many years now, in many touristic guides, being considered the most important way of entering the Danube Delta. To the people in love with novelties, interested in wilderness and tradition, we may offer the chance of truly experiencing things they could hardly ever read or hear about. Organizing trips, we are able to answer both many specialists' questions (ornithologists, biologists, photographers, fishermen, etc) and common tourists. The experience we have undergone in the field has greatly helped us build proper ways of traveling according to all tourists' demands. Our camping can be easily found, due to its position, i.e. 300m far from the village, direct access to the main highway. As soon as you enter the camping, you can really discover your own cozy home : peaceful atmosphere, comfort, safety, as well as the chance of enjoying our traditional fish dishes, the most delicious ones you have ever had. Also, our guests have the chance of getting much information belonging to various domains while having conversations with the hosts in English, French and Italian. Murighiol is not only a place in the Danube Delta, but also a mixture of many traditions (Romanian, Ukrainian, Turkish-Tartar), and of History (the archeological site Halmyris). Unfortunately, words cannot always describe reality; that is why it has an unspeakable side you will be able to discover yourselves one day, maybe.

Itinéraire: We are situated in the Danube Delta, S-E of Roumania,on right shore of Sf.Gheorghe branch of Danube river,40 km from Tulcea city,800 m from center of Murighiol village on the main street.The tourists can arrive verry simple with a car or bus.

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