Camping Siveri

Ciudad: Kraslava ( sitios de camping en Kraslava)
CP: 5400
Dirección: Kazinci, Skaistas pag., Kraslava distr.
Teléfono: +371 29278599, +371 29258316
Fax: +37167977354

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Información: Every place has its legend that starts with magical words „once upon a time” or „long time ago”. Even Siveri has its own story how it began... Once upon a time there lived a man named Peteris. He had three valuable things: independent country, nice family and beloved grandchildren. Then came a day when it was found out that his beloved granddaughter has a very serious illness that the local doctors cannot cure. The grandfather gave all his savings for his granddaughter to be healthy again, sent her to foreign countries to the best clever doctors but the doctors did not promise a fast recovery. Savings of the old man melted fast. It seemed that with the money have gone away hopes of getting medical cure in a clinic in Germany. But Peteris has given his granddaughter a little piece of land on the banks of the lake Siveri, not half of the kingdom. That was another chance for the desperate family. There were many people who were ready to pay a lot of money but nevertheless Siveri was not sold. Now it is going to be a place for stopping and relaxing for all good people. Everyone that will have rest there, even if it was only for a short time, even if it was only for a few hours – would help one teenage girl to be healthy and happy. Camping Siveri is new developed site what ocupy 2,1 ha and lies on bank of Sivers lake. We offer 44 pitches with CEE connection, possible to locate 75 campers, caravans or tents. Hot shower and WC, also for disabled persons. Disposal for chemical toilets and waste water. More info and photos in

Direcciones: From Kraslava hold a road P61 to Dagda. 20 km from Kraslava follow sign Kazinci 3 km turn left, than follow signs Camp Siveri.

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