Camping in Ukraine:

Ukraine camping and travel


Flag: ukraineflag
Capital: Kiev
Official language: Ukrainian
Currency: Ukrainian hryvnia

Ukraine is a country located in the east of Europe. It is borardering many post Soviet Union countries as well as the Black Sea. Ukrainian culture and customs are heavily influenced by christianity. Architecture, music and art will reflect the influence of Eastern and Western neighborhood. Ukraine has a wide variety of camping options. It has more that 23 campsites that you can find across the country. Throughout the summer families with young kids can enjoy sandy beaches or swimming in a lake as well as swimming pools with water slides, where the campsites provide. In addition to that, summer activities also invlove bike riding, sailing or surfing if you stay by the beach. Here visitors can rent tents, hire chalets or caravans that are fully equiped for comfortable stay. In most of the campsites visitors will find mobile homes or holiday homes that can be rented. In those you will find sanitary facilities, fully equiped kitchen and other facilities needed for relaxing and careless stay. In most of rental accomodation, visitors can take their pets. As for location visitors can choose from a few options that will certainly make your stay enjoyable. Visitors can find camping sites that are located by the river stream. Here you can fish or have a swim during the summer. Other campsites are located near the city so that you can enjoy some site seeing and be exposed to the history and culture. For people who enjoy winter holiday Ukraine has wonderful mountains and many campesites by them. Here you can enjoy fresh air, cross country skiing or mountain hiking. Many camping sites have accessible routes to reach them: by highway, trains or busses.

Map of campings in Ukraine

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