Andriake Camping

City: Antalya ( camping sites in Antalya)
Postcode: 07570
Address: Andriake&Çayağzı DEMRE
Phone: +902428713130
Fax: +902428716900

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Info: In front of the camping there is a river and back side there are lycian and roman ruines and birds park with a natural little forest.thanks to its geographical position you can find every activities on the nature.Sunken City(Sİmena/Kekova ) travel boats also stay near of the camping side...

Directions: In the seaside of Demre, next to the antique harbour of Andriake

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Alexandre (2012-08-26): It's a small and familiar camping, with great price (10TL/person) and a great location.
5 minutes driving from Demre.