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Flag: slovenia
Capital: Ljubljana
Official language: Slovene
Currency: Euro

Slovenia is located in south of Europe. It has a strategic location boardering Italy, Croatia, Austria, Hungary and Adriatic Sea. It is perfect for those who wish to travel around and get to know Central Europe more closely. The country is mainly mountainious, so it can offer a wide range of activities. Slovenia is blessed with wild nature and natural attractions. Visitors can find it all here from snowy mountains, fresh mountain air to Mediterranean sandy beaches, beautiful shore. Half of Slovenia is coverened in magestic woods. All of this nature make Slovakia a perfect place for camping. The country will offer campers ove 50 official camping grounds. The camp sites usually open in mid April and close in mid October. Most of the campsites will have basic facilities like showers, cooking and sanitary facilities, BBQ, table tennis and many other. Visitors with young kids will also find camp sites that suit their needs. Most of the campsites have indoor and outdoor play grounds for children. Some of them may also have swimming pools with shallow water. There are a few well known camp sites in Slovenia as well as numerious camping sites by the mountains. Camping by Adriatic sea is also very popular. Here you will find a few camping sites that are located on the shore.

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