Camping in Russia:

Russia camping and travel


Flag: russianflag
Capital: Moscow
Official language: Russian
Currency: Russian ruble

Russia is located in the eastern euroasia. Russia is the largest country in the world and spans 9 time zones. It incorporates a wide range of landmaks, environments and landforms. Visitors that come to Russia may be exposed to 160 different ethnic groups if the choose to travel across the country. Russia is a unique place where you can find out more about history, learn new things about different cultures, traditions, cuisines, environment and climate. In Russia visitors will find many camping sites that they can choose from. Location of the camping site may dictate different activities that visitors can do. But many will offer you general facilities like camping places for motor homes, tents, caravans and other. 

Visitors can also rent cars or motor homes for a more convenient travel and a better holiday experience. Most of the camping sites will also provide ficilities for cooking, washing up, also power wholes in most of the pitches.

 Many camping sites are family friendly with indoor and outdoor play grounds, petting zoos and many other activities. For those who like more active holidays Russia will offer you it's beautiful mountains. There you can hike, ski or cross country skii. Horseback riding, cycling, fresh air and breathtaking nature are all the components you need for a perfect holiday. Due to it's vast country visitors will find a spot for themselves all year round.

Map of campings in Russia

Please note, only campings, which provided gps coordinates, are displayed on the map.