Camping in Romania:

Romania camping and travel


Capital: Bucharest
Official language: Romanian
Currency: Romanian leu

Romania is in the south east fo europe and in the north of Balcan Peninsula. In addition to this Romania also boarders the western shore of the black sea. Due to it's location in the continent visitors can experience diifferent climate throughuot the year. Visitors who come during the perion of late spring to mid autumn can have amagestic bird watching experience in the Danube Delta. Visitors do not need any addition equipment or special permition for going to watch birds. If there is a need you can also book a trip to the Danube Delta via many excursion providers that will assure your bird watching experience is unique. Romania is a perfect location for camping. Here visitors can choose to stay by the river, sea or even mountains. Not many countries can offer it all in one! In this country visitors can find over 69 camping locations that offer different attractions and holiday experience. For more detailed information on the camping sites, prices and services please contact Romanian Tourist information Office. The type of attractions and activities depend on the location visitors decide to spend their camping holiday at. But the countires has a variety of activities to offer like fishing. Romania has over 160 species and most of them are located in the Danube Delta. Visitors do not need any permit to fish in the waters. Fishing is allowed all year round except from April 1st to May 31st. Visitors can also hike in the mountains that are full of beautiful sites, lakes, forests flora and fauna. Here you can also ski in the winter, horseback riding is also a very popular attraction.

Map of campings in Romania

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