Campsite Blonia Ondraszek

City: Bielsko Biala ( camping sites in Bielsko Biala)
Postcode: 43-309
Address: ul. Pocztowa 43
Phone: +48 (0)33-8146425
Fax: +48 (0)33-8143601

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Info: CAmping Ondraszek located in a beautiful green area Bielski Błonie. Camping is one of the Polish Federation of Camping and Caravanning. It offers its dear guests 65 beds in cottages and a tip in the main building (rooms 1 and 2 bed). The campsite is the position for 25 caravans or motor homes, and for about 30 - 40 tents. The main building is a cafe with a reception desk, a fireplace room and sanitary facilities. On the campsite there is also a swimming pool and recreation areas and sports fields. The whole camp is situated in the countryside, in close proximity to the forest and hiking trails. There are many trees growing and colorful shrubs. Our facility is located in the southern part of town near the exit road towards Szczyrk and Zywiec. In many forests designated trails, which we get such to: Dębowiec, Szyndzielnia, Goat Mountain, Klimczok, Magurka, Czupel whether the dam in Wapienica. For lovers of walking out in a neighborhood many scenic trails. In spring, you can stroll among the blossoming meadows and gather mushrooms in the autumn. Around Błonie Bielski camp and are also an excellent area for cycling. Behind the main building is asphalt parking lot with 18 spaces for cars and homes. If necessary you can also park cars on the campsite (on special paved areas). In the vicinity there is a large parking area with spaces for buses. For tourists traveling bicycle storage room for bikes prepared. The campsite is available tourist maps, guides to area attractions and bus timetables MPK, which you can get to the center of Bielsko - Biala, bus stops are located approximately 300 m (line 21, 24) and 1000 m (line 1, 10) from the campsite. The nearest camping area allows you to practice mountain biking and hiking in the mountains. For the youngest town next to the road traffic act. The Bielski Park, barely a few dozen meters from the campsite are volleyball and basketball, park with mini golf and many other attractions for outdoor activities. Camping Ondraszek borders or directly from the Gipsy Forest, recreation areas, which were already performing this role since the beginning of last century. They consist of a huge wooded area with many interesting nooks, walking and cycling routes.

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