Camping in Macedonia:

Macedonia camping and travel


Capital: Skopje
Official language: Macedonian
Currency: Macedonian denar

camping in MacedoniaMacedonia is a country located in the Sourtheast of Europe in the central Balcan peninsula. Even though Macedonia is a landlocked country it has over 50 lakes as well as many mountains that reach up to 2 km. Here visitors will find 3 natural parks with an amazing nature and wildlife. Macedonia is proud of it's heritage in art, music, poetry and architecture. Visitors will be exposed to a lot of history, culture and many protected and acient religous sites. The most important annual events in Macedonia are Ohrid Summer Festival, Skopje Jazz Festival and Camera festival. Apart from them there are also many other events that attract thousands of visitors every year. Visitors who come here for camping are pleased with natural surroundings and relaxed atmosphere that nature gives them. There are many camping sites by the lakes for people who enjoy summer campings with fresh water, water games and sunbathing. Visitors will also find a lot of camping sites in the mountains. Macedonian camping site are waiting for you with beautiful scenery, wildlife and fresh air. Most of the camping sites have basic facilities to offer like kitchen gadgets, sanitary utilities and play grounds.

Map of campings in Macedonia

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