Camping Montespino

City: Montefortino ( camping sites in Montefortino)
Postcode: 63047
Address: Loc.Tiro a Segno
Phone: +39 0736 859238

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Caterina (2012-08-23): The camp is completely abandoned. The structure is crumbling, all the things mentioned by the sign of the indications on the street and on the Internet that are NOT EXIST anymore. Restaurant closed and even with broken windows, caravans and cars destroyed abandoned at the entrance, the pool is a swamp unusable and unused for years, very dangerous for children because it is not even cordoned off, the current is produced by a generator which destroys even the 'only bright spot of camping, silence. Throughout the area there are pieces of broken things and abandoned gas cylinders (finished? Empty?) The basic safety precautions do not exist. The hygiene of the baths is at the same level of public toilets, I think nobody to clean anni.I operators are very surly. The prices, compared to the services offered (almost none) are definitely a steal.