Camping in Iceland:

Iceland camping and travel


Flag: icelandflag_30
Capital: Reykjavík
Official language: Icelandic
Currency: Icelandic króna

Camping in Iceland Iceland is the most spasley populated country in Europe located in the North and boardering North Atlantic and the Arctic oceans. Iceland ranks highly in political, economical and social stability and equality. In 2013 Iceland was also ranked as one of the most developed countries in the world. Iceland's cultural heritage includes medieval sagas, literature and cuisine. The country is also a famous for it's distinct nature. Icelandic traditions and customs are inspired by centuries long insular existence and a mixture of pagan influence on a Christian religion. Icelandic folk tales are full of mysticism, elves, ghosts and trolls. It was further shaped by the natural forces and a relaxing environment. Visitors will be amused by surroundings and culture. Iceland has many camping sites to offer that are located in a beautiful natural surroundings and have basic facilities. Most of them will have sanitary facilities, kitchen as well as electricity on the ground. For those who enjoy camping with families, camping sites will offer indoor and outdoor playground areas, various activities for kids. Visitors will find a wide range of activities while camping such as hiking, birdwatching, whale watching, northen lights, horse riding, cycling, ice climbing and caving. Iceland also has 3 national parks that all visitors can explore and surround themselves in the nature.

Map of campings in Iceland

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