Campingplatz Dr. Ernst Dadder - Saarlouis

City: Saarlouis ( camping sites in Saarlouis)
Postcode: 66740
Address: Marschall-Ney-Weg 2
Phone: +49/06831-3691
Fax: +49/06831-122970

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Info: The camp is one of the Ernst Dadder facilities in the city of Saarlouis, the unofficial capital of the Saarland. Located in the heart of the city, nestled in a quiet and idyllic landscape, it combines relaxing seclusion and the opportunity to participate without much effort on our bustling little town. Whether on foot, by bicycle or even by car, your goal is reached quickly. The course itself is approximately 18,000 square meters, covered with grass and has a total of 120 parking spaces. Washing machine, dryer and many other institutions that facilitate the camping life, are present.

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