Campingplatz Friedenau

City: St. Goar ( camping sites in St. Goar)
Postcode: 56329
Address: Gründelbach 103
Phone: +49-(0)6741-368
Fax: +49-(0)6741-368

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Michael David Brimacombe (2011-08-22): on making my first trip to Germany with my caravan I tried to plan every thing so as to have a problem free holiday I booked a place at this camp site early in the year I was asked how big my caravan was and I told them the relivant information I also emailed asking the best route in so as to make the drive easy and they relpied giving me a diverent route. To my shock on the day that I arived having driven from England the owner told me my caravan was to big and I must leave. when I asked why was my booking taken the reply was just go