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Flag: germanyflag_30
Capital: Berlin
Official language: German
Currency: Euro
One of the major economic powers of the world, Germany has had a short stint of history as a unified nation, but an incredible one at the top of the pack. Its capital, Berlin, was one of the greatest cultural and economic centers of the world. Germany is also the birth place of modern medicine. It’s a prime pick for a spot on your vacation, with its great scenic regions and changing seasons.
Germany is divided into a number of regions, such as the Rhine Valley, or the Black Forest. The Rhine Valley is a popular site, due to the large number of historic sites crammed all into one region. Filled with lush maple forests and castle of old, the region in the past camping in germany had been fortified to protects the possessions of dozen of nobles and lords in the past. Though there are no more knights in shining armor and wielding lances, their residences still reside for you to tour. The Black Forest region is a great scenic attraction filled with beautiful hiking and biking routes. It is the perfect place for outdoor campers who love natural, as the Black Forest has absolutely beautiful views of lakes, forests, and rivers. It is also home to the original cuckoo clock and is filled with breath-taking scenery, such as the tributaries of the Enz, Nagold, and Alb Rivers. There are also numerous resorts and spas utilizing the famous thermal springs of that region.

Another nation renowned for its breweries, it produces many famous brands of beer due to its history of producing many different styles for brewing the drink. Such styles include the common ale, the bottom-fermented Lager, and of course, cask-brewed ales. For the beer-lovers of the world, Germany is their fantasyland, with its numerous breweries. Please, do stop in and sample some of the local drinks.

Germany is divided into 16 states. You can find about 500 campsites in Germany in our Europe camping guide.


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