Camping in Estonia:

Estonia camping and travel


Flag: estoniaflag
Capital: Tallinn
Official language: Estonian
Currency: Euro

Estonia is one of the Baltic countires that lies in the North of Europe. It boarders The Baltic sea, Latvia and Russia. Estonia has over 1500 islands. They offer a lot of charm and history for the visitors. Most popular islands are Kihnu, Vormsi, Ruhnu, Saaremaa and Hiiumaa. Life and days move at a slower pace in the islands. Visitors enjoy fresh air, refreshing wind and spectacular views. It is a very good reflection on how Estonians used to live before the modern age. The nature is pure and untached, therefore visitors can find a lot of wild nature and animals. People who visit Estonia can find a very easy and interesting way to see the islands by travelling with a ferry. Visitors can choose it to be a one day trip or longer.Camping in Estonia Estonia is also a very good place for those who decide to spend their holidays while camping. Camping lovers will find over 300 camping sites in the country. In most of the camping sites visitors will find water and electricity connections for caravans and sewage facilities. Caravan sites are usually located near the motel where guests can do their laudry, enjoy restaurants and use the internet. Visitors will also find camping sites in the national parks and resorts. Camping is the best way to discover the Estonian nature.

Map of campings in Estonia

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