Camping in Denmark:

Denmark camping and travel


Flag: denmarkflag
Capital: Copenhagen
Official language: Danish
Currency: Danish krone
camping in DenmarkThe Scandinavian country situated in Northern Europe, Denmark is surrounded with North and Baltic Sea. It has Germany, Norway and Sweden as its neighbors and it is one of the Nordic countries. Though the Danish Government is ruled in a parliamentarian format, there exists a constitutional monarchy as well in Denmark. Denmark is considered as one of the World’s most economically sound countries with citizens having a high standard lifestyle. Danish is the most commonly used language by citizens. Being a part of temperate zone climate, Denmark is known for its strong stands for environment preservation. Denmark has a rich culture with writers like Henrik Pontoppidan, Karen Blixen, Hans Christian Andersen and many more being born here. Royal Danish Orchestra based in Denmark is one of the World’s oldest orchestras. Food items like Red Cabbage, Veal Medallions and Frikadeller have made its mark all around the globe. To start you camping in Denmark, you can choose any of these popular campsites like Sindal, Silkeborg, Topcamp, Nymindegab, Fredensborg etc. Cycling, Mountaineering, Fishing etc are the most famous outdoor activities but you can also choose kayak polo which is a traditional Danish sport. If you are daring and adventurous enough, give nude bathing a shot in the beach side resorts. Audio walk in Copenhagen is also quite popular with tourists.

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