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Flag: croatiaflag
Capital: Zagreb
Official language: Croatian
Currency: Kuna
If you want to camp in places that most campers would called “unexplored”, then pitch a tent in Croatia! Croatia is a fantastic country with a diverse terrain that features grassy plains, crystal blue lakes and hills that seem to roll on as far as the eye can see. With a population of almost 5 million, Croatia has plenty of camping sites to enjoy. Some of the sites are located within the cities of Dubrovnik, a city full of history located on the coast, Pula, the city known for having a Roman amphitheater, or Zagreb, the capital of Croatia and also the biggest city. Most Croatians speak English or German, however, the Croatians still treasure their traditional Croatian language. camping in austria Temperatures in the country vary depending on the region. The Adriatic coastal region has more of a Mediterranean type climate, while the north and eastern parts of Croatia experience a temperate climate during the spring, summer and fall, but receive some snow during the winter season. If you’re a person that enjoys fun in the sun, the best place to camp would be near Palagruza, which has a very subtropical climate. While visiting Croatia, you’re sure to run into sports lovers and enthusiast. Some of the most loved and popular sports in this country are football, basketball and water polo.

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