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Flag: bosniaandherzegovinaflag
Capital: Sarajevo
Official language: None (de jure) Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian (de facto)
Currency: Convertible mark

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a small country that lies in the South East of Europe with a capital of Sarajevo. The country is bordering three other countries: Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro. Bosnia and Herzegovina is almost a landlocked country apart from 20 km of a beautiful coast on the Adriatic Sea. Due to its landscape the country offers a wide range of natural activities. In the north visitors will find a mountainous site while in the south a flat land and the sea. Hence, tourists will find what to do in the country no matter the season of the year. The culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina encompasses its history, ancient cultural heritage and arts. Local people are very welcoming and friendly. Bosnia and Herzegovina has many camping sites to offer.camping in Bosnia ir Herzegovina Most of them are located in the mountains or by the sea side. Visitors can be camping in the winter, while enjoying beautiful mountain scenery, fresh air, wild nature as well as skiing and hiking. In the summer mountains are not less beautiful to enjoy. In addition, camping sites by the sea side offer a lot of fun in the sandy beaches and lots of sun. Most of the camping sites will offer basic facilities like kitchen amd sanitary facilities. Visitors can come with their tents, caravans or rent rooms in most of the camping sites. For families with kids most of the camping sites will have outdoor and indoor playing areas to offer.

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Hoteliidza camp

Bosnia and Herzegovina > Sarajevo > Ilidza

We spent 7 days in Auto-kamp Oaza, and I can only say that it is amazing.It is well preserved place of nature just near to city. I was there with my family and couple of friends. I.. More

Autocamp Blagaj

Bosnia and Herzegovina > Sarajevo > Mostar

Beautiful place located on the river Buna. Very friendly management, fair price and clean services. Located at aprox 12Km from Mostar but easy to get there and takes only 10 minute.. More

Hoteliidza camp

Bosnia and Herzegovina > Sarajevo > Ilidza

Last week we spent one night in this camp and were very disappointed with the service there: ladies´ toilets were not clean, there was no toilet paper, no soap and no keys in the .. More