Camping in Belarus:

Belarus camping and travel


Flag: belarusflag_30
Capital: Minsk
Official language: Belarusian;Russian
Currency: Belarusian ruble

camping in Belarus Belarus is located in the Eastern Europe and is a landlocked country. Over 40% of the country is forested, thus visitors can enjoy a breath of fresh air and natural surroundings. While the rest of Eastern European countries have moved towards capitalism, Belarus gives visitors a chance to visit a European country with minimal advertising and almost no graffiti or litter. Outside the capital Minsk, Belarus offers a simple and pleasing landscape with forests, cornflower fields and picturesque villages. Visitors to Belarus may also visit two excellent national parks. Belarus is also a home to Europe’s largest mammal - the European bison. Some travelers may experience that they are a subject to curiosity while visiting the country, but at the same time they will also be on the receiving end of welcoming and warm hospitality. One of the options for travelers who visit Belarus is camping. Beware of the weather conditions because winters can get quite cold – make sure you have good equipment. In Belarus, camping is permitted outside any town and anywhere in the countryside while provided consideration is shown for other users of the countryside. If you decide to pitch your tent on the private land remember to ask for a permission of a land owner. As mentioned before, visitors are usually welcomed by locals. On the other hand, camping grounds in Belarus are limited. There are few camping sites and they can be far in between. They are not opened all year round so a good piece of advice would be to check before you go.

Map of campings in Belarus

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