Camping am See

City: Obertraun am Hallstättersee
Postcode: A-4831
Address: Winkl 77
Phone: +43/(0)6131/265
Fax: +43/(0)6134/8368

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Tomas Kohout (2011-09-16): AVOID THIS CAMP! I was very dissatisfied and left!!!

1) Camp manager forced us to move already built tent about 30 meters away from fine place - without giving a reason.

Closer to other (only) campers and thus breaking their and our privacy. My guess - he did it solely on purpose.
No explanation and magic word "please".
OK. That's something I can forgive - camp manager can advise tent site.

2) This really TURNED ME ON (to say it VERY correctly and gently): he collected my passport and refused to give it

back until morning. This is illegal behaviour. Passport cannot be used as hostage or deposit. He also refused to

make registration and accept payment until morning. When I insisted on having my passport back, he drove me out of

camp! When I was packing tent, he moved without my consent and notice my bags with money and documents away from

tent - I cannot find them in the dark. In the end, I was happy to leave.

Sad - Location is great, facilities seems to be well managed. But this is camp pleasant place for its owner only.