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TOP 5 Campsites in Italy

camping in Italy Everyone who has already visited Italy agrees that it is marvelous country full of historical sights, outstanding culture and artistry. Nonetheless the culture is just a part of a wonder. Italy has wide diversity of beautiful natural sights such as mountains, lakes, Mediterranean sea, islands and prescious golden fields like in Tuscany reagion.

Italy is quite popular camping destination and a great choice for those seeking to mingle with the Nature and enjoy relaxing time. You can find different types of camping sites in Italy and choose wich suits you the best, from simple tents to wooden houses, from natural lakes to huge pools. In order to enjoy Italy the most, we recommend you to travel from April to June and September to October. At this time crowds are not so intense, so you will be able to experience Italy at ease, enjoy comfortable weather and rich colors of natural surroundings.

  1. „Centro Vacanze Union Lido“ campsite is located in Veneto region on the Island very close to Venice. It is already featured as "one of Europe's largest and very best sites". It is open from 1st May to 30th September. It is a good location if you are thinking to visit „The Venice Biennale“ - most prestigious art exhibitions in the world.


  2.  „Camping Tonini“ is one more site in Veneto region. This campsite is more suitable for nature lovers willing to spend relaxing time in the mountains close to the Lago di Garda lake. There are also many activities to choose from: hiking,mountain biking, paragliding, kite or windsurfing and boat trips around the lake.


  3. „Camping Arquin“ is a perfect site for those who loves mountains. It is located in Trentino-South Tyrol region surrounded only by mountains. The place becomes exceptionaly beautiful in spring time as the trees starts blooming.


  4. „Camping Laconella“ is located in Tuscany region, however not in the golden fields, but on a spectacular island of Elba. The surrounding land area is full of unspoiled natural environment.


  5. „Camping Kursaal“ is located in Umbria region, surrounded by mountains and beautiful lake Trasimeno. The surrounding territory offers a wide choice of hiking or cycling routes with rich experience and relaxing atmosphere.

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