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Winter camping possibilities in Europe

Winter camping possibilities and conditions differ a lot depending on geographical location of campsites across all of Europe.

Many people from the northern-eastern part of it try to break from freezing cold and precipitation coming to southern part at least for a month or so, while others, who don’t see snow almost at all, go to the snowy highlands at least for a week of skiing.

There are also others, who wait for winter in hope of having possibility to wake up in the morning seeing steam while breathing. Different expectations lead to different choices of places for spending time in winter. There are, of course, several times more summer campsites across Europe than winter ones. Still, people who like staying in pure air can find winter campsites in each country.

Southern part of Europe, washed by Atlantic and Mediterranean, is perfect choice to those who don’t expect to have a sensation of lives of primitive people, colliding with all of severe nature conditions in winter. Winter campsites in Spain or Portugal may seem as summer ones in Scandinavia or the Baltics. Snow is rare phenomenon and campers don’t need heavy equipment. They can take almost of sorts of activities except from swimming. Northeners would not consider this as true winter camping. Still, if visiting these countries is two expensive during holiday season and you are the beginning camper, it is worth thinking of starting your camping “career” in the milder conditions.

The farer into the north-east, the severer weather is usual. More preparation is needed, more layers of clothing are indispensable in the Central and Eastern Europe, not talking about Scandinavia, where only the toughest campers and Santa can stay.

Usually snowy and windy, northern countries are excellent choice of feeling true winter. You won’t make it here without such things as gloves, warm caps, waterproof boots.

Somehow, this winter is unusually tender in CEE for the joy of beginners so if you’re just starting making acquaintance with winter camping, preparing equipment will cost less.

The mean temperature in winter differs from +15ºC in the southern countries to -20 ºC in the northeastern ones – the difference is stunning, so is the feeling waking up not prepared in the morning on campsite.

This is why we will prevent you from running into difficulties while camping – watch our next articles about winter camping in different parts of our beautiful continent.

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