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Winter camping tips – part 3

Day at the camp. Try to prevent your sweating and heat buildup by adding or removing clothes. Remember, that evaporating moisture makes campers cold.
At the end of the day or when stopped for a long break pay attention for adjusting clothes for not to cool off too much, because later it would be hard to warm up again.
As the camp is set up, put dry socks if the ones on your feet seem to be wet. Otherwise, you can get cold very soon. Sitting in a cam, try to put something under your rear not to pull body heat out. Your sleeping bag will be just fine. Take a snack and exercise for a few minutes before going to bed – these will provide you enough fuel to generate body heat for a cold night.

Night and morning. It would be wise to take two sleeping bags with you – you’ll slip into one and put the other one under it to prevent from being awake at night because of cold. Don’t take off your socks and hat – it will also hold the body heat.
Try not to breathe into your sleeping bag, because the moisture will make bag wet and it’s insulating ability will be reduced.
If you don’t want to find your boots frozen in the morning, you better put a bottle of warm water inside. Think of how to vent your tent to prevent it from condensation at night and you will not have troubles because of wet clothes and sleeping bag.
Awake, warm up your clean socks and other pieces of clothing – just pull them into your sleeping bag for a few minutes and try to stay in your sleeping bag as long as possible to stay warmer. Exercise for a few minutes while cooking breakfast and packing – this will make you feel well before meeting new day and, maybe, returning home in excitement.

The best adviser in each situation is your intuition. Nature sends it’s signals also, so you just have to pay attention whether you should better go back home, or stay and enjoy camping in severe conditions. Remember – safety first. But if prepared properly, impressions from winter camping could warm you up even on cold nights at home.

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