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Winter camping tips – part 2 – essential

Proceeding with the tips presented in our 12/05 record, let’s take a deeper glimpse into the snowy yet wonderful winter camping to prepare properly.

Winter camping differs a lot from summer camping – because of weather conditions it is much slower and the mileage should be reduced not to overwhelm your strength. It is a serious test on everyone’s endurance and even health, so limits shouldn’t be exceeded.

Clothing. When winter camping, you have to watch over you body temperature and moisture. Do not forget not only to dress properly putting on underwear clothes that are but also take water-and-wind-proof ones. Cotton isn’t good idea, so you better choose woolen or synthetic materials that are better suited. Boots should be warm as well as waterproof. Put on your hat to save half of you body’s heat and don’t forget to take at least two pairs of gloves and plenty pairs of dry socks, even if you’ll spend just one night out. You will appreciate this if you go for a walk while in a daylight. If it’s a real winter camping with tons of snow everywhere your eyes can catch around, of course.

Food. Carbohydrates will keep your body warm and give you energy, so be sure they are included in your diet. Think of a place you will be staying at and choose the right pots to fix food easily. Not to dehydrate drink plenty of water, even if you are not thirsty – it will generate the warmth for your body. Wool sock or other material will not let your water to freeze. Warm food is essential for your comfortable and exciting winter camping, so be sure you will be able to set fire.

Shelter. As we have mentioned in our last entry, make sure the destination of your winter camping trip is sheltered so that snow and wind would bother you the least. Think if common three-season tent will handle high winds and snow. If the weather is quite mild for winter, it should be ok. To protect a tent from wind at least a bit, dig a 10-20 centimeter hole for a tent on a packed snow.

Now when you are ready to start activities around your campsite, watch out for the third part of winter camping tips very soon.

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