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Stadt: Visby ( Camping-Seiten Visby)
PLZ: 622 61
Anschrift: Kneippbyn 15
Tel.: +46 498 29 61 50
Fax: +46 498 25 10 15
E-mail: info@kneippbyn.se
www: http://www.kneippbyn.se/

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Infos: At Kneippbyn Resort Visby you stay next-door to Pippi Longstocking´s Villekulla Cottage, just 4 km south of Visby. Kneippbyn offers 600 beds at a range of prices. Stay in a camping cottage, self-catering cottage, a flat or in the hotel. The 5 star classified campsite has a modern service building with all the conveniences. All caravan spaces face the sea and have electrical satellite hook-ups. Within the Resort there is a café, restaurants, food stand, a grocery store, tennis court, adventure miniature golf and more. What you don’t find here, you’ll find in Visby. We have regular shuttle buses to Visby several times daily during the peak season. No matter what accommodation you choose, you have access to the whole of Kneippbyn. Guests pay a special discounted price on the two-day and one-week passes to Summerland and Waterland. We have lots of exciting activities; Pippi’s Villekulla Cottage is just one of them.

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