Camping Falterona

Stadt: Stia ( Camping-Seiten Stia)
PLZ: 52017
Anschrift: Loc. Montalto (Papiano)
Tel.: +39 575 582360, +39 339 4391114
Fax: +39 575 582360
E-mail: info@campingfalterona.it
www: http://www.campingfalterona.it/

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Infos: If you are looking for immerse yourself in nature, the life gentle rythms, if you love to relax in tranquillity; swinging on a hammock while listening to cicadas. If you love sport, but also discovering ancient and fascinating villages, falling asleep with the chirp of crickets under a beautiful, starry night....come to Camping Falterona for an holiday....far from your average tourist destination.

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